Now this, my friends, is a cookie.  A whopper of a deep dark chocolate cookie, and it’s chock full of chocolate chips.  It’s thick, chewy, and just sinful.  The glass of milk is not just a prop – it’s a necessity in this case.  These cookies definitely earn the title of “giant”, considering that 4 ounces of dough is used for each one.  I’m not such a fan of quarter-pounder burgers, but quarter-pounder cookies?  I’m totally on board.  If you don’t have a kitchen scale yet (tsk tsk), here is the perfect excuse.  How else will you know that each cookie is exactly 4 ounces?  This is important business, people.  Truth be told, I actually haven’t eaten an entire cookie at once.  I keep eating half at lunchtime and half after dinner.  Believe me, I could – I just like having dessert twice instead.  I also froze half of the dough balls, and I know I’ll be thankful for that move when an emergency chocolate craving kicks in.

These cookies are a knock-off of the version sold at the popular Levain Bakery, whose claim to fame is…you guessed it, their giant cookies.  This is a unique cookie dough.  You start out mixing it just like any other cookie dough, but it is very thick and ends up requiring a brief hand kneading to be sure the ingredients are evenly distributed.  It may seem a little strange but these cookies are worth it.  These are definitely best enjoyed straight from the oven, but keep well in an airtight container.  As with most cookies I make, I like to give the leftovers a 10 second warm up in the microwave before enjoying to make the chocolate chips all gooey and melty.  Yum.

And, just because I think you can never have too many chocolate cookies:
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