Three tall layers of fluffy chocolate cake.  Whipped cream filling and frosting.  A drippy chocolate glaze.  Chocolate-covered strawberries for garnish.  Yeah, this cake is kind of a show-stopper.  I’ve been dying to try it for over a year – in fact, it was in the running for last year’s birthday cake but Andrew randomly chose the cappuccino fudge cheesecake instead.  I ended up bringing the tuxedo cake to the New Year’s party we attended this year and people were pretty excited about it.  Considering that literally everyone else at the party were professional photographers plus a graphic designer (and spouses), I think this cake was a perfect choice.  The striking contrast between the frosting and the chocolate glaze give a nice aesthetic and the strawberry garnish is an ideal finishing touch.  This cake is perfect for a fancy party, or pretend fancy party like we had :)  At around 2:00 am I noticed that all of the strawberries were missing from the top – someone was having a pretty good time!

Let me just warn you right now – if you make all three layers, you will end up with a very tall cake.  I mean, this thing was a whopper!  The slices actually look a bit funny because they are so dang tall.  But I don’t think that stopped anyone from enjoying this.  You can make the same amount of batter in two 10-inch round pans for a shorter cake, but I don’t have 10-inch pans.  I like the tall cake anyway, it is visually impressive.  This cake does slice very nicely and the black-and-white inside is a pretty match for the exterior.  The flavors are classic and simple but ultimately, the presentation (and the name, I guess) is what makes this cake fancy.  It’s a great one to have in your repertoire when a celebration cake is needed.