Here’s the proof, I’m just not into New Year’s diets.  For those of you on that bandwagon, click away immediately.  Otherwise, I give you one of the most indulgent desserts I’ve made in a while.  As I mentioned recently, I’ve been on a bit of a peanut butter-chocolate kick these days.  Last week I was at work when the need for a birthday treat arose suddenly and unexpectedly.  I checked for any special requests or preferences but was given free reign over the decision.  In an effort to 1. satisfy my peanut-butter chocolate craving, 2. avoid a trip to the grocery store, and 3. bring an awesome birthday treat, I chose these brownies.  Very, very good decision.

I think nearly 90% of those who tried them asked when the recipe would be posted on the blog…that should speak for itself.  Per my usual, I have doubled the recipe to fit a 9 x 13-inch pan because anything less is just not enough.  If you are in the fudgy brownie camp (holla!), you’ll love these.  The addition of cream cheese to the actual brownie batter results in a brownie that is dense, moist and super fudgy.  Then add the peanut butter cheesecake swirl, and well, I think I’m off to go have one from the fridge.  (I’m so not kidding.)