Mark me down as another one of those who, for many years, was only familiar with the can-shaped jelly known to so many as cranberry sauce.  Do not count me, though, as one who liked it.  I thought it was a little revolting.  This stuff is more my style.  A very basic recipe with few ingredients makes a pretty great sauce – still thick enough to be jelly-like, but not so much that it molds to its container.  Definitely more on the tart side but with just enough sugar and citrus to balance out the berries.  I’m pretty excited about tasting it with my turkey, and also hoping for leftovers to stir into my yogurt for breakfast afterward :)

I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving prep is coming along nicely and things are going according to plan.  So far I’m still on schedule and feeling pretty calm about the whole thing.  This is where all that advance planning pays off!  It actually just feels surreal that there is a turkey in my fridge and the brine is ready to go.  Have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones.