As long as I can remember, my favorite dishes at the Thanksgiving table have been rolls and mashed potatoes.  Forget the turkey, I really just want the carbs.  These honey yeast rolls will probably always hold the number one spot in my heart for perfect dinner roll, but for the sake of variety I like to serve another option at Thanksgiving as well.  Enter these multigrain rolls.  With wheat flour, oatmeal, oat bran and flax seeds in the dough, they certainly earn their title – but not in a bad way.  All these ingredients plus the seed-salt sprinkle on top combine to make these hearty rolls taste great and provide some nutritional value.  I made them this weekend in preparation for the holiday.  We taste-tested one on its own and enjoyed it, but I felt it was missing something.  Then I tried it with a dab of honey butter and my oh my, it was just the thing.  The slightly sweet and rich honey butter is an ideal compliment to this soft, earthy roll.  I am glad both the rolls and butter are already wrapped up and stored for Thanksgiving, otherwise I might be in trouble.

Note: I know because I mentioned it that someone will ask for my honey butter recipe.  Truth is, I don’t use one.  I just mix room temperature, unsalted butter with honey and a pinch of salt until it tastes delicious.  Fancy!