I still can’t believe that I used to think I didn’t like snickerdoodles.  I guess they just weren’t snazzy enough for me as a kid when sitting in a bakery case next to a double chocolate or M&M cookie, or even better a giant Rice Krispie treat.  Now that I’ve come to my senses snickerdoodles are definitely a favorite of mine.  Certainly one of the best things about them is the amazing scent that fills the house while they are baking.  These snickerdoodle cupcakes were a coworker’s birthday request and I was thrilled to have a reason to make them.  This is a fluffy cinnamon cupcake topped with seven-minute frosting and garnished with cinnamon-sugar and mini snickerdoodles.  Overall these were wonderful and really did have the flavor of a snickerdoodle.  I think next time I would consider topping them with a regular vanilla buttercream instead of the seven-minute frosting, but otherwise I was happy with the end result.  It also might be fun to hide another mini snickerdoodle underneath the frosting, to add even more of that snickerdoodle flavor.  Yum!