I would like to thank the person that came up with this genius recipe.  I was flipping through the October issue of Bon Appetit and I’m not sure I’ve ever dog-earred a page so fast.  It’s chocolate with candy and more candy and more candy!   As I started making it, I (as in me, Annie, who does not comprehend the phrases “too rich” or “too sweet”) started wondering if this was going to be just, well, too much.  But the smarty pants who thought this up made sure there was a good balance of sweet and salty.  With chopped up Reese cups, Butterfingers, honey roasted peanuts and peanut M&Ms, salty is definitely there.  Believe me, it’s still a very sweet treat, but I think the end result is nicely balanced.  This recipe may be most useful to some people after Halloween, when leftover candy abounds but it would certainly be a welcome addition to a Halloween party spread as well.  I think it goes without saying, but this is obviously extremely adaptable to whatever candy you prefer and what you have on hand.