I’m not much of a coffee drinker.  I have a cup maybe twice a month, more as a treat than anything.  And I really, really don’t like tea.  I wish I did, but I just don’t.  With all the flavor possibilities of homemade biscotti, it makes me wish I drank coffee or some warm breakfast beverage more often.  They are a very low maintenance cookie, and thankfully they keep very well for gifting to friends and family who are coffee and tea drinkers.  This particular variety is essentially a biscotti version of a snickerdoodle, and since I think cinnamon sugar makes just about everything better, I found these to be pretty wonderful.  I couldn’t stop myself from nibbling one with my glass of OJ during brunch, and my in-laws were happy when I surrendered the rest of the batch for their enjoyment.  If you’ve only ever had biscotti from a coffee house or someplace similar, I encourage you to try making your own.  These aren’t the sort that will require an emergency dental appointment after eating, they just have a nice crunch and leave you with a happy tummy.