I was one of the rare kids that wasn’t crazy about s’mores.  I’m not completely sure why, but I think it may have been the messy process of eating one, or the frustrating process of toasting a marshmallow just so over a bonfire rather than charring it.  Whatever the case, for years I thought I didn’t like s’mores.  Silliness, I tell you.  I have since realized that I am crazy about the chocolate-marshmallow-graham cracker flavor combo in all sorts of fun treats.

These s’mores bars are a recipe from the early days of the blog that needed to be reintroduced.  I love them for a few reasons.  Most importantly, they taste fantastic – you just can’t go wrong with s’mores.  These are no bake treats that come together in less than 15 minutes and require very few dishes.  And of course since they are bar cookies they are easy to serve anywhere since no utensils (or even a plate) are necessary.  These would be a fun treat to make with the help of kiddos, but until my guy gets a bit bigger he’ll just have to enjoy the finished product.

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