A funny name for a cookie, right?  But it is fitting – these are the kind of cookies you mix in all sorts of things, whatever you have on hand and what strikes your fancy – you know, everything but the kitchen sink!  No doubt you’ve seen some variation of these cookies before.  I’ve seen them numerous times and never felt compelled to try them until I saw this version including oatmeal, peanut butter, raisins, chocolate chips and the new (and super popular!) pretzel M&Ms.  Sold.

Once I actually started making this recipe, a couple of things gave me pause.  First of all, the dough doesn’t contain any flour.  Just oatmeal, peanut butter, sugar, etc.  I double- and triple-checked this before proceeding.  The dough did have a different texture than I would expect and I’ll admit, I was skeptical.  Then I thought the combination of raisins with the other chocolate mix-ins seemed a little odd and I almost skipped them but I am so glad I didn’t.  Finally, I did end up adding quite a few more pretzel M&Ms because the original quantity meant some cookies had only one (or maybe none!)  I have reflected this change in the version below.  These cookies are somehow chewy and crisp at the same time, with a nice chunky texture and a wonderful sweet-salty balance.  Everyone who tried them was pleasantly surprised – this is one good cookie.  And as you can see, a certain little boy enjoyed these cookie too (though I think he gnawed on them more than anything.)