Orange ice cream popsicles are one of those treats that bring childhood memories flooding back, at least for me.  I’ve been wanting to try this ice cream for a while and our recent ice cream social gave me both the inspiration and motivation to give it a shot.  When I smelled the mixture in the blender, I’ll admit I was not optimistic.  You see, this is another ice cream that has sour cream in it, and though I learned with the strawberry ice cream that it actually makes for a fantastic end result, just after blending it completely turned my stomach.  But as I have also learned many times before, you must trust in David.  I let the mixture chill overnight and when I checked it the next day, it had an intoxicating orange-vanilla fragrance, like the popsicles but better.  And that is also how these tasted – like the popsicles, but way better.

All I did to make these into popsicles was pour the ice cream into small paper cups, place a popsicle stick in the center, and let them freeze firm.  Then before serving I peeled off the cups and voila, ice cream pops!  As I mentioned, I did make this in the blender but I think next time I will use the food processor in order to pulverize the orange zest more to make for a smoother texture.  A blender is fine if you have a great one, but I don’t.  These are a lovely refreshing frozen treat, and almost acted as a palate cleanser during our ice cream extravaganza.