These just look like regular old truffles, right?  Trust me, these are unlike any truffles you’ve ever tried (unless of course you’ve had ice cream truffles before).  I’ve been itching to make chocolate ganache ice cream, and then I started thinking about making it into ice cream truffles since truffles are traditionally filled with ganache.  The only problem was I was slightly terrified of making truffles with ice cream centers.  I mean sure, I’ve made truffles plenty of times but the idea of dipping cold ice cream into warm melted chocolate and getting a presentable end result just seemed unlikely.  But as I’ve learned so many times, you must always trust in David Lebovitz.  It turns out ice cream truffles are actually even easier to dip than regular truffles.  Since the center is so cold, the chocolate hardens quickly and smoothly over the top.  I did end up with quite a bit of the melted chocolate mixture left over, but I think having a deep chocolate mixture makes for much easier dipping so it’s a fair trade.

Let me also just say a quick few words about the chocolate ganache ice cream.  Oh.My.Gosh.  So rich, smooth, chocolatey.  I’m sure these truffles would be wonderful with many flavors of ice cream but now that I’ve had these, I’m not sure I’ll be able to stray.  The ice cream will certainly have its very own post on the blog someday, but for now I’ll just link to the recipe via the Tuesdays with Dorie group.