What’s better than cookie dough?  Double cookie dough, of course.  I’ve always been pretty lukewarm to cookie dough ice cream in general because while the bites of cookie dough were delicious, the base ice cream was usually just a boring vanilla.  Don’t get me wrong, I love vanilla.  It just seems the vanilla used as a base for cookie dough is often sub-par.  Then I saw a recipe for ice cream that is cookie dough-flavored.  Immediately I thought the best thing to do would be combine the that ice cream as a base with chunks of cookie dough mixed in.  Now we’re talking.  Ooooh my, this stuff is pretty amazing.  In fact, it catapulted right up the ranks of ice cream flavors and is now vying with coffee ice cream for the number one spot in my heart.  Which will it be?  I think I’ll need to try a bit more of each before I decide.  Darn.

And of course, the best way to serve it?  Over a warm chocolate chip cookie….or with a warm cookie crumbled over the top…or maybe sandwiched between two cookies…basically anything that takes it to triple cookie dough – yeah, I went there.  These cupcakes made me do it.

PS – I think it is good sense to have frozen cookie dough in your freezer at all times for just this sort of emergency.