As if I needed another dessert addiction, it seems I have found one – cheesecake bars.  They are just too convenient!  My favorite indulgent dessert packaged into a smaller, more portable, and slightly less guilty serving.  Then, throw into the mix the classic flavor combo of graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallow – I stand no chance in resisting.  I loved ’em.  Another bonus was getting to use my kitchen torch.  It is so fun to use and in this case, it really helped achieve the authentic campfire s’more flavor because the marshmallows rapidly caught on fire (don’t worry, I quickly blew it out!)  My only change for next time will be to add a bit of sour cream to the batter to provide more creaminess that I found slightly lacking.  I have indicated this in the recipe below.  I already have my eye on the next type of cheesecake bars I want to try – stay tuned for that!