How many wonderful things can be combined in one 9-inch pie plate, you ask?  Cookie crumb crust – check.  Homemade coffee ice cream – check.  Creamy chocolate ganache – check.  Toffee bits – check.  Yep, it sounds and tastes pretty wonderful to me.  Ice cream pies are fabulous desserts because they require little work.  Basically just spreading ice cream into a pie crust, adding some other sweet things to jazz it up, and voila!  Great dessert, minimal effort.  For me the hardest part about this was having the coffee ice cream in my freezer and not eating it.  I have serious will power issues when it comes to this ice cream.  But good news – there was some left over, and it was promptly devoured by yours truly (and Ben, who made me share – sheesh!)  Of course you can use store-bought ice cream and make it even easier, but I haven’t bought a single container since acquiring my ice cream maker.  I just love homemade ice cream!

This is a recipe from the very early days of the blog and I just couldn’t bear for it to be lost in the archives, or ignored because of the hideous picture (which I remember thinking was awesome at the time ::shudder::).   This has got me brainstorming tons of fun ice cream pies for the summer.  I just can’t decide which to try first!