There are so many things that once I make them at home, I can never go back to store-bought: pizza dough (more on that soon), salsa, ice cream, and definitely pita bread.  Homemade pita is so soft and flavorful it makes its store-bought counterpart seem like a circle of cardboard.  Since my favorite dinner is chicken gyros, the pita are an integral part of the meal.  Most recently I decided to try this version of wheat pita bread for comparison to my old favorite, as an attempt to get a few more whole grains into my diet.  Guess what?  These pita are every bit as good as the old version but they are a bit healthier, they have a fabulous puffy texture, and the dough was even easier to work with.  Win-win-win!  (The Office, anyone?)  It seems these will become my new go-to pita because really, why not?