I’ve always been an ice cream lover – there is no doubt of that fact.  But chocolate ice cream never really did it for me.  Weird, considering I would probably marry chocolate if I could.  Maybe if it was a crazy decadent ice cream, like chocolate raspberry truffle or something it would pique my interest, but not just straight up chocolate ice cream.  I suppose it is understandable then why it has taken me all this time to feel like making a classic chocolate ice cream.  I know I sound like a broken record but, as usual, David Lebovitz has done it again.  Now I know what chocolate ice cream is supposed to be like.  No over-processed, unpronounceable ingredients or a faint taste of the cardboard container store-bought ice cream comes in.  Just smooth, creamy chocolate bliss.  To think I almost made a half batch – hah!  That would have been a tragedy.

It’s important to use Dutch-process cocoa powder for this recipe.  It really contributes to the richness and depth of the chocolate flavor.  If you are interested, David has written an extremely informative post about the differences between natural and Dutch-process cocoa powder on his blog, when it’s okay to substitute and how to do so, etc.  Dutch-process cocoa is not typically found in regular grocery stores (at least in my area).  I buy mine at Penzeys Spices here in town, but of course you can also order online.