Remember a couple weeks ago when I made these super yummy banana berry muffins which also happen to be really healthy?  Well, these are sort of the opposite of that (except the delicious part, of course).  I like to bring in breakfast treats for my coworkers when we have to work weekends.  I think it makes being at work on Saturday just a bit more tolerable.  I always have fun deciding what to make, and it was a no-brainer that a bacon cheddar scone was going to be a huge hit.  I left one at home for Ben when he woke up and sure enough, after being at work for a few hours, I received a text from Ben stating, “Best scones ever!”  Of course the bacon cheddar combo is always a good one, and the addition of scallions and lots of black pepper rounds out the flavor nicely.  The scone itself is both tender and fluffy, but still incredibly hearty.  And if there is one positive thing about such a calorie-laden scone, it’s that it certainly kept me full until dinnertime.  I did feel the full 2 teaspoons of black pepper seemed a little much for my taste.  If you love black pepper then by all means, go for it!