So here’s the deal – I really want to give you all a week’s worth of Easter-inspired recipes.  But, the thing is, I am just not at all in the mood for the usual Easter foods.  It may be because I’m on call during the actual Easter holiday so I won’t be cooking for it, but I think it’s more an issue of the weather.  Spring has sprung (at least a little), and this has me in the mood for all kinds of fresh, light foods – ham is not one of them.  The whole typical holiday spread just isn’t inspiring me at all this year.  But who says you have to have ham on Easter?  I say make whatever you like.  And what I’ve been making and loving lately is this roast chicken.

To me this seems a more fitting centerpiece for an elegant spring meal, though really it would be great in any season.  It is light, tender, and packed full of flavor.  This recipe involves brining the chicken, which I think makes all the difference in producing a tender and moist meat.  If you’ve previously been intimidated by roasting a whole chicken, don’t be!  It’s really not complicated and the end result is impressive and delicious.  Yes, I get the heebee jeebees wrestling around with the raw chicken while prepping it, but it is totally worth it in the end.  You may notice that the exact time for roasting the chicken isn’t listed below – this is because it is so important to cook the chicken until a thermometer reads the correct temperature.  Simply basing doneness on time is not adequate and unsafe.  For me, it probably took an additional hour after lowering the oven temperature, but it will vary so be sure to check the temperature!