Want to know a secret?  These are healthy muffins.  Yes, they have bananas and berries, but they also have bran in them.  Wait, wait!  Don’t run in the other direction (as I almost did when I read that).  These are healthy muffins that also taste really good.  So good I ate them for breakfast daily, and sometimes as an afternoon snack as well.  And, I felt far less guilty about that second muffin than I would have if they had been a typical muffin – you know, the sort that is more of an excuse to eat cake for breakfast, though I do love those too.  Not only do they have bran, but they contain no added sugar.  I was definitely skeptical before trying them, but I was very pleased with the way they turned out.  The banana and berry flavors compliment each other nicely, and provide plenty of natural sweetness along with the honey and orange juice.  You could certainly make these using only one variety of berry but I really enjoyed the combination and would definitely make them this way again.