Okay, so I really like scones.  I’ve loved pretty much every kind I have ever made.  That said, I think these are the best scones ever.  This doesn’t really surprise me, considering that the recipe comes from Cook’s Illustrated.  They seem to have found the ideal method for creating a perfectly light, tender, and buttery scone.  This particular version is also bursting with fresh blueberries, which seem to take on a magical new life when baked or cooked.  I’m sure these would be great with other mix-ins as well, but personally I just can’t resist the blueberries.

Admittedly, the mixing and shaping method takes a little more effort than most scone recipes.  While I was making them I kept wondering, will it be worth this?  The answer is a resounding yes.  They are completely worth the extra time they require.  And as I mentioned last week with the oatmeal raspberry scones, you can freeze the shaped scones before baking and bake individually as needed straight from the freezer.  These would be the perfect thing to have on hand for unexpected company.

By the way, Andrew really enjoyed them as well.  He kept calling them “cookies” :)