I’ve never dedicated an entire post to a frosting all on its own before.  Usually the post is about a cake or cupcake primarily.  Let this be a sign to you.  You need to try this frosting.  Swiss meringue buttercream is a heavenly concoction that I only recently discovered (and now am kicking myself for not trying earlier).  It is rich, buttery (duh), and unbelievably silky smooth.  The caramel buttercream from the banana caramel cupcakes was certainly a fabulous introduction to this type of frosting, but I wanted to try a classic plain vanilla as well.

Put plainly, it is delicious.  It would be a lovely accompaniment to just about any cupcake you can think of, and can also serve as a great base recipe for other flavors of buttercream.  Simply lower the amount of vanilla extract and add in the other flavor you would like to incorporate (similar to the peppermint buttercream from these cupcakes).  I also think this would be beautiful with the seeds of a vanilla bean mixed in, and a little less vanilla extract.  Those black flecks against the beautiful white frosting would look just perfect!  If you are going for the double vanilla combo, I have three vanilla cupcake recipes that I love.  Vanilla bean cupcakes, Dorie’s perfect party cupcakes, and classic vanilla cupcakes.  And, just writing about this frosting has made me crave it so much that you’ll have to excuse me while I go make some more.