If you know my blog well, then you know about Benchiladas – the creamy, cheesy chicken enchiladas that my husband loves more than just about any other food in the world.  And if you know how he feels about the Benchiladas, then you probably understand how difficult it might be to make another chicken enchilada recipe and have it be well received.  I wasn’t even sure how to tell Ben that I was making chicken enchiladas, but that they were a new kind with red sauce.  But he is so wonderful and supportive of all my cooking endeavors, he said, “Great!  Can’t wait to try them.”  And we are both SO glad we tried them.  I don’t even bother comparing them to the Benchiladas because they are different enough it’s like apples and oranges.  What I do know is we absolutely loved them, and I think it is a great thing to have two phenomenal versions of chicken enchiladas in my repertoire.

These are what I think of as restaurant-style enchiladas, because they are so similar to the versions I’ve had when dining out.  The homemade red sauce is easy to make, and it adds a ton of flavor to this meal.  By cooking the chicken in the sauce, it becomes very tender and moist, absorbing the flavor of the sauce.  They may seem a little time intensive, and may dirty quite a few dishes, but I think it is completely worthwhile for a dinner that tastes this good.  In fact, we’ve had them twice in a month which is a very rare occurrence around here.  Give them a try, you will not be disappointed!