Finally, the post so many have been waiting for!  I first made these truffles over a year ago for the truffle tray at my holiday party.  I think most flavors of truffles are bound to be a hit, but these were the clear favorite.  Now I’m not completely in love with real cookie dough as so many people seem to be.  Sure, it tastes good, but I much prefer the finished product any day.  I’m sure part of that has to do with the presence of raw eggs in cookie dough.  These are the perfect solution for me because they taste exactly like raw cookie dough, but contain no raw eggs so they are completely safe to eat.  The recipe makes a lot of truffles, but it’s okay because I have found that friends are more than happy to take a bag or box of them home.  I think these would be a wonderful treat for any time of the year, but they are also very suitable as a sweet treat for your Valentine :)