I know there are lots of cynics out there who dislike Valentine’s Day because it is a so-called “Hallmark holiday”.  That may very well be, but I think it’s always a nice thing to celebrate and spend a little extra time with your sweetie.  Plus, I’m a hopeless romantic.  My favorite colors are red and pink, so let’s face it – this holiday was made for me.  Because this is my blog and I LOVE Valentine’s Day (pun intended), I will be featuring Valentine-inspired or related recipes this week.  And, if there is one that I must urge you to try, this is the one.

What’s not to love?  For starters, it’s a sandwich cookie – but not just any sandwich cookie.  A super cute, heart-shaped red one that tastes just like delicious red velvet cake but in a smaller, more portable form.  Yay!  Honestly, I found these pretty much irresistible and had to give most of them away because I kept finding reasons to eat them for breakfast ;)  You could make them regular round whoopie pies, but the heart shape is so fun and really very easy.  I took some photos during the process to show what I did.  One tip I have for sandwich cookies in general is to pipe the filling rather than spread it on with a knife.  It makes for a much cleaner looking finished product not to mention it makes less of a mess in the kitchen.  Go make these right now (and send one my way)!