I’m sure I could have made this post infinitely more popular by adding the word “bacon” to the title, or to the ingredient list.  Though I’m definitely learning to appreciate bacon in some contexts, I still don’t love it quite the way so many people seem to.  But that’s the great thing about pizza – it’s so easy to add or omit ingredients to suit your tastes.  If you’re one of those serious bacon lovers, than by all means, add some!  I’m sure it would be great.  This pizza has been a favorite in our house for a long time.  With Ranch dressing for the sauce, lots of cheese, grilled chicken, tomatoes and green onions, it’s a nice alternative to your usual pizza with red sauce.  (Don’t get me wrong, I love pizza with red sauce…but I’m always looking for more ways to have pizza!)  I may even try it with the bacon next time.  Enjoy!