I have been wanting to try these cookies for months.  I could have made them at any time of course, but from the first moment I saw them, I imagined baking them for my holiday treat packages.  Decorated with festive non-pareils, they just seemed to exude a playful holiday appearance.  I knew the chocolate glaze wouldn’t hold up for shipping far away, but I did add them to the 12 bags we delivered locally.  They seemed like the perfect cookie to round out the treats included because of course, chocolate must always be somehow included!

I was pretty amazed at how easy these were to make and assemble.  The only real issue I had was simply that the number of cookies did not match the amount of marshmallow, or the amount of chocolate glaze.  I ended up with something like six dozen cookies after reusing the dough scraps.  I had enough marshmallow to top about six dozen of the cookies.  The glaze wasn’t enough, so I had to make an extra half batch to finish covering them.

I wasn’t disappointed about having a few leftover cookies though – these little cookie bases were fantastic on their own!  I’m normally not one for plain cookies like this, but the tender wafer with just a hint of cinnamon was absolutely wonderful.  Perfect for snacking on while you finish baking :)

They were every bit as cute and yummy as I had hoped, and definitely lived up to my expectations!  Not only would they be popular with kids, I think they would be a really fun project to make with kids as well.  I can’t wait to make them with Andrew someday!