I am the queen of saving so many recipes, and I know with certainty I’ll never be able to try them all.  Many of them get pushed aside because they seem out of season, or because I don’t have a good reason to make them, and eventually slip my mind when I’m in the process of meal planning.  But some I just need to make right away, as was the case with these muffins.  They’re seasonal, I had all the ingredients on hand, and I had to work on a Saturday morning so I knew I would have some hungry coworkers to help taste test them.  Not surprisingly, these are a wonderful treat, and perfect for this time of year (you know, eggnog and cranberry time.)  I thought the almond flavor, though delicious, slightly overpowered the taste of the eggnog so next time I may reduce that a bit.  Otherwise, these were great and received two thumbs up from everyone who tried them.