Caramel apples are such a classic fall treat.  I made this particular batch for a Halloween party, but I am posting them now because I think they would look phenomenal incorporated into Thanksgiving decor.  For example, with a little name tag tied to the stick to serve as place cards, wrapped up in cellophane with some pretty ribbon as favors for guests, or arranged on a platter on a dessert table.  Whatever way you choose to use them, they will be a hit!  They may be messy to eat, but I think they are totally worth it and eating one made me feel like a little kid again.

I was surprised by how easy these were to make.  The caramel was the perfect consistency for dipping and thickly coating the apples.  My only frustration was with the air bubbles that popped up under the caramel after the apples had been dipped.  Supposedly this can be prevented by dipping and turning the apples very, very slowly – but I did that, and I still had a ton of air bubbles.  I actually think most of them were creating by stirring the caramel while it was cooking and incorporating air into the mixture.  Next time I will just cook it without stirring and I think that will help.  I drizzled mine with dark and white chocolate for visual interest, but I think they would be great plain, or with chopped nuts, or toffee bits, etc.  The possibilities are endless and I will definitely continue to play around with variations in the future.