You know how we consider certain foods to be staples or necessities? Like eggs, milk, bread, etc.? I propose that we add this caramel corn to that list. I mean, I really feel that this is the kind of thing that I need to have around my house at all times.  This is unexpected for me, because growing up I always thought caramel corn was alright, but I would prefer some cheesy cheddar or white cheddar or whatever other cheese-flavored popcorn any day.  But now, oh yes, caramel corn reigns at the top of this popcorn-lover’s list.

I made this for a Halloween party I went to, so I mixed in some candy corn and honey roasted peanuts as well.  I packaged it up in little cellophane bags tied with pretty seasonal ribbons, and it was very well received.  (Though I loved it so much, I stole a few bags to take back home with me ;) )  It can certainly be enjoyed in many other ways though.  Perhaps in little bags along with a few other treats as a post-travel snack waiting for your Thanksgiving guests when they arrive the evening before.  Set out in a large bowl during Thanksgiving day for guests to munch while you prepare your meal.  In holiday gift bags, along with your usual sugar cookies, fudge, etc.  Or like me, in a hopefully never-empty giant container in my pantry for random snack attacks.  Whatever your reason, it’s just too good and too easy not to make!