I feel pretty confident in my cooking and baking skills.  While there are still tons and tons of techniques and recipes I haven’t tried, I have decent success learning new methods after researching thoroughly.  For some reason though, true pastry has slightly intimidated me for some time.  Finally I decided I just couldn’t wait any longer and it was time to give it a try – after all, I finally have counter space!  These apple turnovers were a great choice for my first try at pastry and most definitely exceeded my expectations, which were already pretty high.  I mean, I made my own puff pastry – how cool is that?!  Granted this is actually a “quick” version (I still plan to try classic puff pastry soon), but I was so pleased with how these turned out.  The pastry is flaky and buttery, and the apple filling delicious and present in every bite.  I had these every morning for breakfast until they were gone and let me tell you, that was a sad, sad morning.  Cereal cannot even begin to compare.

The method for making the apple filling is genius.  The apple is shredded and then mixed with sugar and left to sit briefly to help draw out excess liquid.  This ensures that the pastry stays flaky and doesn’t get soggy from the juices of the apple.  The shredding also helps to evenly distribute the filling throughout the turnover so that it is present in every bite.

Because I don’t want this process to seem too intimidating, this is a picture-heavy post to help guide you through, step by step.  It’s really not so bad – let’s make turnovers!