I can’t imagine it will take much for me to convince you of how wonderful these cupcakes are.  First of all, there’s the obvious – that ever-winning combo of chocolate and peanut butter.  The cake is a wonderfully dense chocolate cake with a thick creamy batter that bakes up beautifully.  The filling is essentially a buckeye candy without the chocolate coating.  And the frosting – ooooh, the frosting.  It is to die for.  It will now be my standard peanut butter frosting.  The peanut butter flavor is intense, and the texture is silky smooth.  These were (not surprisingly) very, very popular with the coworkers.

I do wish the peanut butter balls inside the cupcakes had been a little less dense – next time I may try adding a bit more butter or a little less powdered sugar.  I also needed to make extra filling balls because the original quantity was not enough for me to fill all the cupcakes.  I’ve indicated my changes below.  I say it’s better to end up with a few extra than not have enough.  You could even make them into buckeyes – that is, if your husband doesn’t wander in to the kitchen and polish them off ;)