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My hope is to inspire you to be fearless in the kitchen, to try new things, to take the time to make things the homemade way and most importantly, to have fun doing it!

Herb Baked Eggs Cooking View

I am very lucky to have a husband who enjoys eating food as much as I enjoy making it.  He is also decidedly not picky and happy with almost anything I make him.  I make a mess and he does the dishes – it is the perfect arrangement.  However, in all the years we’ve been together, I have not been able to change his mind about eggs.  He just really isn’t a fan.  Consequently, I rarely make eggs for breakfast and usually opt for something I know we will both enjoy like waffles or pancakes.  A few weeks ago my wonderfully awesome aunt came to visit for the weekend and I was thrilled at the prospect of a breakfast guest would eat eggs and actually like them!

I know I say it all the time, but really, I can’t believe I waited this long to try these eggs.  For one thing, they are incredibly low maintenance and quick to make – definitely something I appreciate in a weekend breakfast.  And second, they taste phenomenal.  Rarely (almost never) do I enjoy breakfast more than dinner or dessert, but when I made these eggs I was thinking about them for the rest of the day.  And I’m still thinking about them.  And now I will probably have to make them for breakfast tomorrow.  The small amount of fresh herbs and garlic make such a huge difference and put these eggs far above all others (in my opinion).  I don’t have the individual gratin dishes called for so I just used these little oven-safe crocks I have.  Check the eggs frequently throughout the baking process to be sure they are done to your liking.  I personally prefer my yolks a little runny and think I over-baked them a tad, but they were still delicious and I know Ben preferred them this way.  And as for Ben, the former egg-hater – I don’t think I’ve won him over completely but I definitely think these were a step in the right direction.  He even said he’d eat them again!  This is easily adapted to make however many servings you need.

Herb Baked Eggs
Yield: serves 4-6


1 tsp. minced fresh garlic
½ tsp. minced fresh thyme leaves
½ tsp. minced fresh rosemary leaves
½ tsp. minced fresh chives
1 tsp. minced fresh parsley
2 tbsp. freshly grated Parmesan cheese
12 large eggs
¼ cup heavy cream, divided
2 tbsp. unsalted butter, divided
Kosher salt
Freshly ground pepper

Cooking View


  • Preheat the broiler for 5 minutes and place the oven rack 6 inches below the heat source.  Combine the garlic, thyme, rosemary, chives, parsley, and Parmesan cheese and set aside.  Carefully crack 3 eggs into each of 4 small bowls or teacups without breaking the yolks.  (These are not the dishes you will bake the eggs in.)  It is very important to have all the eggs ready to go before you start cooking because you must move quickly.

  • Place four individual gratin dishes or oven-safe crocks on a baking sheet.  Place 1 tablespoon of cream and ½ tablespoon of butter in each dish and place under the broiler for about 5 minutes, until hot and bubbly.  Quickly but carefully pour each serving of eggs into the individual gratin dishes and sprinkle evenly with the herb mixture.  Season liberally with salt and pepper.  Place back under the broiler for 5 to 6 minutes, until the whites of the eggs are just cooked.  (You may need to rotate the baking sheet halfway through to ensure even baking.)  The eggs will continue to cook after you take them out of the oven.  Allow to rest for at least 60 seconds before serving hot, with toast if desired.


  • My husband is the exact same way! I love eggs and want to make them more often (I’ve had my eye on this recipe ever since the Barefoot Bloggers made it well over a year ago), but I’ve been putting it off because of him!

  • betchacanteatjustone

    I love breakfast and we don’t eat fantastic breakfast nearly enough!
    The eggs sound delicious!

  • I was just this morning making a fried egg and wondering about those crazies who hate eggs. :) My husband hates cheese, which makes him even crazier, I suppose. Anyhow, this looks like a fabulous brunch idea when you have a crowd—much easier than making a huge batch of fried eggs or even scrambled. Will definitely have to try it soon!

  • The Cooking Bride

    My husband is not a picky eater either and I LOVE that about him! My best friend’s husband only eats meat and potatoes and won’t try anything new. I would be so depressed!

    This reminds me of a recipe I have that I haven’t made in awhile. I bake my eggs in a muffin tin and then you serve the baked egg over a hot biscuit. Oh, now I’m hungry. I’m going to have to dig that recipe out and make it soon!

  • I’m drinking my cup of coffee right now, and do you know what I’m craving…?? THESE EGGS! You must have been reading my mind! Can’t wait to try them out.

  • Looks delicious! I just found your blog today and am excited to read more!

  • Those look beautiful and elegant. I love eggs! We eat them all the time at home. Nicely done ;)

  • Shannon

    I love baked eggs too! They are really yummy topped with fresh pesto and of course extra Parmesan cheese.

  • I have been wanting to try these ever since BB did them – maybe this weekend!

  • Your husband sounds just like mine… willing to eat anything AND still do the dishes. I don’t know how foodies can deal with a spouse who is totally picky and not into food. My husband and I have so many memories that involve food :)

    I love this cookbook, but haven’t tried the eggs yet. I’ve been eating eggs a lot lately, so maybe it’s time to try to add this to the rotation!

  • I have never had baked eggs, but I have a feeling I would love them. I can’t wait to try these out for a weekend breakfast soon. Do you ever add any tomato to them?

  • I have been wanting to try this recipe for a while. It looks delicious! I’m going to make these on Saturday.

  • ~cec~

    ironically, the washington post’s food section today was about baked eggs too! i can’t wait to try eggs this way, but my partner would never eat them — he only like his eggs scrambled.

  • Annie

    Hi Frenchie,
    I’ve never tried tomatoes in mine but it sounds like a great idea! I think one of the best things about this recipe is its simplicity and how easily you can adapt it to suit your own tastes.
    :) Annie

  • Your wonderfully awesome Aunt

    These eggs were amazing! Best breakfast ever!! Could it be because they were made by my wonderfully awesome niece? Nahhh…they were fabulous on there own! I love you Annie!

  • I’ve never had these, they look so hot and inviting.

  • Annie

    Awww, I love you to Steph! You are the best and I can’t wait till you come visit again so I can cook more goodies for you!
    :) Annie

  • These look delicious and I love the one comment about adding tomato – maybe a slice on top a few minutes into the cooking?

  • Omgosh I think you just found a new way for me to enjoy eggs. I love eggs, but have never tried them this way. I can’t wait! :) :) :)



  • delightfullysweet

    What a wonderful recipe for my upcoming brunch this weekend! What a wonderful way to make eggs!

  • nutmegnanny

    I don’t think I have ever drooled over eggs before! These look awesome :)

  • amacrae

    These eggs were absolutely delicious. Thanks for another awesome recipe. My husband gets excited anytime I tell him I’m making something from “Annie’s Eats”; he knows he’ll be in for a great meal.

  • AmyT

    There were awesome. They remind me of coddled eggs, but take less effort :) I was tempted to add more cheese (because 2 tbsp doesn’t seem like much), but I didn’t and that was the right choice. I think too much cheese would have interfered with the wonderful herbs. I used Dubliner because I had it on hand and it was great.