I have heard of zuppa Toscana many times before, particularly as a famed dish that is very popular at Olive Garden.  I rarely eat out, even more rarely at that particular establishment, and when I do eat there I never order soup (how can I resist pasta?!)  So I can’t say how this compares to their version.  What I can say it that it was very, very good.  My decision to try this was based on a gorgeous bunch of kale I purchased at the farmers’ market recently.  It is not an ingredient I have used much but this was the first thing that came to mind – I’m guessing the chill in the air had something to do with that.  This is a very hearty soup packed full of flavor.  With crumbled sausage, chunks of russett potatoes and the earthy bite from the kale in a creamy broth, this is a meal in itself.  I used half turkey and half regular Italian sausage because that was what I had on hand and also to cut a few extra calories.  I thought it tasted just right this way and I’ll definitely do that again in the future.