Oh yeah, baby.  It’s as good as it looks.  Two layers of graham cracker cake separated by a layer of Marshmallow Fluff and topped with a milk chocolate glaze.  In other words, a cake that really does taste like s’mores.  One thing I love about birthdays as an adult is that we can celebrate them multiple times with various groups of friends, family, etc.  So even though I made a caramel peanut-topped brownie cake for Ben’s birthday with my friends, I needed to make something for a family celebration as well.  Ben didn’t have any specific requests this time around.  I thought a s’mores cake seemed a fitting way to end a Labor Day meal of my dad’s barbecue ribs AND steaks (Ben’s two other favorite foods besides Benchiladas).  Oh, did we ever enjoy this!

As far as making the cake goes, it’s one of the easier layer cakes I have made.  Using graham cracker crumbs in place of flour for the cake layers made it a graham cracker cake – genius idea!  The only difficulty I had was in the assembly.  You see, the marshmallow fluff between the layers is incredibly sticky as you might expect.  This makes it very difficult to spread onto the bottom layer without pulling off chunks of cake into the filling.  (I may try freezing the cake layer next time to see if that helps avoid the issue.)  The result was a huge mound of marshmallow fluff between the layers, which seemed fine – until it all oozed out EVERYWHERE.  Thankfully I had anticipated this and waited to glaze it after the oozage.  I wiped off all the excess around the edges.  At first I was really bummed about the messy appearance, but then I came to like it.  After all, s’mores are one of the gooiest treats out there, so it seems fitting that a s’mores cake should look, well, gooey!

The little decorations around the top with the graham and milk chocolate segments are of course totally optional, but I thought they really added to the presentation of the cake.  I used the marshmallow filling from the “fauxstess” cupcakes to hold them in place and it worked like a charm.  Make this cake for your next celebration, it is sure to be a hit!

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