I really should make homemade pasta more often than I do.  I guess I forget about it most of the time, but I also tend to (mistakenly) think that it is time-consuming.  Sure, it takes more time to prepare than pasta from a box, but it actually is not as time- or labor-intensive as it may seem.  This particular meal was made on a Saturday when I was in a bit of a funk and couldn’t decide what to make for dinner.  After much discussion, we settled on this – homemade fettuccine with alfredo sauce and grilled chicken.  And from the time the decision was made, to the time we were sitting down to eat, it was not much more than an hour, including a trip to the store for eggs.  Not surprisingly, this fabulous meal pulled me right out of my funk!

This was my first time making alfredo sauce at home.  As much as I love it, I can rarely justify the fat and calories to eat it often.  But sometimes you need to splurge a little!  I actually preferred this to the thick, sometimes gooey sauce served in restaurants.  It still had a wonderful flavor but was much lighter (in texture, but not calories!)  I added some smashed garlic to the pan while my sauce cooked and it infused a wonderful garlicky flavor.  If you do prefer a thicker sauce, you could simply make a roux before adding the cream to the pan to achieve your desired consistency.  This recipe makes quite a lot of pasta, so I would say this serves at least 4-5 people, or 2 for dinner plus leftovers later :)