I’m sure it comes as no surprise to my regular readers that I have become the designated birthday treat baker at work since starting residency.  Actually, this is a responsibility I created all on my own.  I thought it would be mutually beneficial, as it would give me another outlet to unload some baked goods and try some new flavors, while celebrating all my coworkers’ birthdays.  Win-win(-win – if you watch “The Office”) :)  So, last month our chief resident had a birthday and I asked her what sort of cupcakes she would like.  She mentioned that she had been craving carrot cake, and I was thrilled to hear that as I have been wanting to make carrot cake for quite some time.  I have another recipe with more mix-ins that I want to try as a layer cake, but for these cupcakes I thought I would go the classic route with just a basic traditional cake.

These were fabulous!  The cake was perfectly spiced, light and moist.  The thing I really love about this recipe is the use of the food processor to shred the carrots and to mix the batter.  I adore my stand mixer, but it’s nice to only dirty one appliance at a time.  (Though I guess I still used it for the frosting – but you know.)  I was a bit concerned that the shredded carrot pieces would be too large and affect the texture of the cake, but I think they were just fine.  I look forward to making these again!