Occasionally I get requests for recipes from readers for something that has not yet been posted on my blog.  A few months ago, a reader asked me if I had a good recipe for beef stroganoff.  I didn’t, but I did promise to search for one.  It took me a while, but I finally got around to trying this dish and we really enjoyed it!  Ben definitely liked it more than me because I am just not a beef-lover, but I was a tasty dinner.  I’m sure if you like beef, you will like it.

The original recipe calls for crème fraîche, which is basically a variation of sour cream that is typically thicker and less sour than traditional sour cream.  I have never been able to find crème fraîche in any grocery store, and this time was no exception.  You can make your own using non-ultra-pasteurized heavy cream and buttermilk, but of course the only heavy cream I could find had been ultra-pasteurized.  So, I just used sour cream, and it was still fabulous.  I added a bit more for a creamier sauce, but you can easily adjust the amount to suit your taste.   I might opt to use chopped onions next time instead of leeks because I thought the texture of the leeks wasn’t quite right in this dish, but otherwise this was an easy and yummy meal.