Of the gazillion recipes I have saved to try, several of them incorporate dulce de leche.  In case you are not familiar, dulce de leche is basically a type of caramel made from sweetened condensed milk.  Up until now, I have been unable to try any of these recipes because I have never been able to find dulce de leche in any stores in my area.  Finally, I decided to just try making my own dulce de leche at home and give this recipe a try – and of course, on this trip to the store, I actually found cans of the stuff!  (In the Mexican part of the ethnic foods aisle, in case you might have success finding yours there as well.)  In case you are unable to find dulce de leche in your area, there are multiple methods for making your own at home.  Personally, I would opt for the safe way detailed here by Smitten Kitchen.  Another option is to boil the cans as many do, but with the possibility of a major explosion, I probably would not be inclined to try this.

These little cheesecake squares are the perfect two-bite dessert.  They start with a simple graham cracker crust, topped with a thick layer of creamy dulce de leche cheesecake filling, and finished with a thin dark chocolate glaze.  They are just heavenly!  The filling is amazingly light and smooth and the dulce de leche lends the perfect warm caramel flavor.  Incredibly easy to make, the hardest part about these is waiting for them to cool, chill, glaze, and chill some more.  I cut these into 36 pieces and thought they were just the right size.  I put them in mini muffin wrappers for serving which worked out just perfectly.  Ben’s coworkers certainly seemed to enjoy them since very few returned home!