Okay, so I thought I had already found my perfect brownie.  I thought I was content and never needed to try another brownie recipe again.  Ina’s is so very good, it would be impossible to top it – right?  Wrong.  So wrong.  I’m not even exactly sure what compelled me to try this recipe because I normally feel no desire to try new brownies when I have found one I love – I’m thinking it was the name that hooked me.  That, and the fact that these come from Baking Illustrated which has yet to fail me…or has yet to turn out anything less than perfect (see cheesecake, berry pie, and snickerdoodles for examples).  So I made these mostly out of curiosity as to whether they could replace my favorite brownie.

While I will always hold Ina’s brownies in very high regard, this version has them beat.  I vastly prefer the texture of these (as the title says, chewy and fudgy) where I sometimes find Ina’s on the verge of crumbly.  Not only that but these are quite a tall brownie, yielding a thick bar of yummy chocolate goodness.  And, they bake up with a thin, delicate shiny crust on top that makes them pretty.  I’ve never made such aesthetically pleasing brownies before, but I like it!  As far as methods go these are not that different from other brownie recipes.  My only change was to cut them into larger pieces.  These are baked in an 8×8-inch pan, and the original recipe calls for them to be cut into 64 1-inch square pieces.  HAHA!  I’m sorry, but these are brownies, not fudge – I want a real piece!  I cut them into 12 pieces, but I think 16 would be just fine too.  Now, get thee to the kitchen and prepare to be wowed!