I love almost all fruits, plums included, but somehow plums just don’t demand my attention the way various berries, fresh peaches, etc. do.  I decided since plums are coming into season that I needed to give them fair consideration and immediately thought of this sorbet from David Lebovitz.  I wasn’t entirely sure what plum sorbet would taste like, since plums don’t have a flavor quite as distinct or identifiable as something like peach or strawberry.  I was even more skeptical when I threw the plums into the saucepan to cook after I saw that the ones I bought didn’t appear to be quite as ripe as I had thought.  But, cooking the fruit made all the difference.  After cooking, the plums were an absolutely gorgeous magenta color (like that seen above) and the intoxicating sweet smell coming from the pan assured me this was going to be good.  Then I threw the raspberries into the mix and wow!  This made for a fabulous frozen treat.  The mellow tartness of the plums was nicely complimented by the sweet, bright berries.  The thick fruit puree lends a nice creamy texture to this sorbet.  This recipe has definitely heightened my appreciation of plums, and the amazing change that takes place when they are cooked.  I think I need to do more experimenting with them!