I love chocolate cookies and am inclined to try nearly every recipe for them that I happen upon.  So of course, when I was flipping through Baking Illustrated and saw the title “Chewy Triple Chocolate Cookies” I knew it was only a matter of time until I tried them.  Recently I started my residency, and so far I am really enjoying it.  One of my best friends also started her residency, but she has the misfortune of having to do a surgical internship first.  And not only that, but she has started out on the worst of the worst rotations.  I know that she barely has time to sleep, let alone eat or cook, so I decided to bring some meals over to her and her husband throughout the month to make sure she’s getting some food and to let her know I’m thinking of her.  Last week I brought her some pasta e fagioli, Italian bread and salad.  But of course, I think dessert is the best meal of the day so I needed to bring something sweet and I thought these cookies would be perfect.  And they really were!

These most definitely have the best texture of any chocolate cookie I have ever made, and they really are deliciously soft and chewy.  The only thing I would consider changing about them would be to make them larger.  I guess I just prefer super-sized cookies – although they are so irresistible, I ended up eating about five of the small ones…maybe I better keep them this way :)  My friend was of course grateful and loved the cookies as well.  I love to brighten people’s days with sweets!