This is a recipe that I have had bookmarked for a loooong time.  However, I had no success whatsoever in finding real lo mein noodles in the grocery store.  I looked at my usual grocery store, which is normally great for finding somewhat unusual or less than mainstream ingredients, but no luck.  I looked at Whole Foods several times, where Elly said she found hers – no dice.  Then one weekend we were visiting our families and I stopped at the local grocery store for a few random ingredients, and there was a prominent display of Asian ingredients including lo mein noodles.  Score!  I am especially thrilled to have found them because  This was a GREAT dinner!  I’m definitely going to be stocking up.

I know there are versions of lo mein recipes out there that call for regular spaghetti noodles, but I just love the real thing too much to bother.  The noodles are soft and really absorb the sauce well, plus they are delicious!  You could certainly alter the veggies mixed in to suit your taste but I loved the combination of mushrooms, bell pepper and snow peas.  I also think water chestnuts would be a nice addition for some extra crunch.  This is a quick meal as well, great for a weeknight.  We’ll be making this often!