As I mentioned recently, I have definitely been on a soup kick lately.  When my friends and I got together for our baking day last week, my friend Sarah brought a pot of this soup for us to have for lunch.  It was fantastic!  I asked her what recipe she used and it turned out to be this one, a recipe I have had bookmarked to try for months.  That was the push I needed to finally try it myself.  This is a wonderfully hearty soup, perfect for the awful cold weather and snowy days we have been having lately.  It is similar to a vegetable soup, but the addition of Italian sausage and pasta puts it over the top – YUM!  The only issue I had with this was that it really pushed the limits of my 5-quart Dutch oven.  I was still able to stir the soup, but only very carefully.  Obviously, this makes a huge quantity.  I considered halving it, but what am I going to do with leftover half-cans of beans?  I decided to just make the full batch and freeze half for my brother Steven, since I always worry about what he is eating now that he has his own place.   I like to try to help him get better meals than the average college student :)