Hamburgers may seem like an incredibly simple thing to make, and they are. However, even though a great burger requires only a few ingredients, I think it’s all about having just the right ratio of just the right ingredients.  Burgers may not seem particularly blog-worthy, but I consider this recipe a staple that everyone needs to have.  After we bought our first home a couple of years ago we started grilling and quickly learned that we really weren’t that great at it.  After several rounds of charred hockey puck burgers, and then burgers that were cooked well but without great flavor, I found this recipe.  While our grilling skills have improved vastly in all areas, I now know that we can make really delicious burgers.  The recipe is simple and uses classic ingredients for the seasoning.  Some might think it is silly to use a recipe for something as basic as burgers, but I like it because it ensures that we have great results every time.  And remember, for a truly fabulous burger experience, don’t forget to use homemade buns!