The moment I saw these cupcakes I knew I HAD to make them.  Unfortunately, I have this feeling about almost every cupcake recipe I see (not to mention all other desserts).  I am saving recipes at an alarming rate, but thankfully, I have a wonderful outlet for my baking – the teachers’ lounge at Ben’s school!  I can bake my little heart out, sample the results, and send the rest to school with Ben.  He always returns at the end of the day with an empty container.  Works for me!  Because of the astounding number of dessert recipes I have saved, I have made a resolution to bake at least one thing per week to send to school with him so I can start making some progress with this mountain of recipes.

These cupcakes may seem somewhat complicated or involved, but I was actually surprised how quickly they came together.  I have never made a cupcake using the cone method before, so I was glad to have the opportunity to try that technique.  For anyone who isn’t familiar, it is exactly what it sounds like – use a paring knife and cut a cone shape out of the top of your cupcake to leave room for filling.  In this case I wanted an open-faced cupcake so I discarded the tops (okay, so we ate a few – you would too!)  I loved these because it was a great compromise between Ben’s favorite dessert, apple pie, and my love for cupcakes.  You can’t beat the cuteness factor either!  Make these for a fall get-together, they are sure to be a hit!